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Taekwondo with Cameron Park Taekwondo 

The CSD has partnered with Cameron Park Taekwondo to offer multiple Taekwondo classes for you and your child. All classes will be held at the Taekwondo Studio on 3181 #103 Cameron Park Drive, Cameron Park. Take alook below to see the classes they have to offer! 

  1. Kinder Kicks/Taekwondo is for children the ages of 4-6. Each class is 30 minutes long and focuses on exercise, balance, coordination, attention and self-control. Plus Taekwondo! Only $99.00 for two months Classes start Monday, May 1st.  To register, click here.  
  2. Kids White Belt Taekwondo is for children the ages of 6-12. This class focuses on improving the hand-eye-foot development. Class will also include learning stances, kicks and focus. Only $119.00 for 2 months of class and includes a uniform. Classes start Monday, May 1st.  To register, click here. 
  3. Teen/Adult White Belt Taekwondo is for ages 12 and older. This class focuses on strikes, blocks, discipline, building character and confidence. Work up a great sweat while you train! Only $119.00 for two months of classes. Classes start Tuesday, May 2nd.  To register, Click here
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