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Landscape and Lighting Assessment Districts (LLADs)

The District has twenty LLAD’s, six are neighborhood parks and/or landscaped area, and the remaining thirteen have only street lights. The LLAD budget is self-sustaining with the assessment district, but staff have identified a few LLADs which will be underfunded soon. Staff plans to return to the Budget and Administration Committee to analyze further the underfunded Districts and discuss appropriate next steps.

45 Northview –Northview consists of a Playground with a shade canopy and a large decomposed walking path. Additional playground fiber is included in the budget for safety

43 David West Park – David West is a Sports Field that is funded by the LLAD. David West has a large turf area that is used by Little League and Flag Football. It also consists of a parking lot, shrubbery and trees throughout the park. Additional funds are budgeted for soil correction and irrigation. Facility use revenues from Little League are received in this LLAD.

42 Eastwood Park – Eastwood is a Neighborhood Park with roadway landscaping, oak trees, turf grass and a large concrete path throughout the park. It is also responsible for the landscaping located along Meter Rd. Eastwood is budgeted for irrigation corrections and upgrades.

46 Cameron Valley - Cameron Valley consists of long stretches of landscape along sidewalks and roadways. Cameron Valley has very little resources to keep the LLAD maintained.

Bar J A 39 & 50 – Bar J A consists of landscaping along Country Club and Merrychase Drives, and along a walking a jogging paths. Bar J A is budgeted for black top side walk repairs to correct tripping hazard, and new mulch / bark.

40 Bar J B – Bar J B consists of landscaping along walkways and paths. Bark and mulch is budgeted.  Bar J B is another LLAD that has minimal resources.

Listed below are LLADs that have only street lights. District staff report the damaged or burnt out light fixture to PG&E for repair.

Bell Woods 49

Silver Springs 48

“Undeveloped” Cambridge Oaks 44

Cameron Woods 8 47

Cameron Woods 1-4 38

Unit 12 37

Viewpoint 34

Unit 8 33

Unit 7 32

Unit 6 31

Airpark 30

Goldorado 35

Unit 11

Creekside 41

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