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Fire Intern Program

Cameron Park Intern Firefighters proudly serve the community of Cameron Park and surrounding areas. Our primary mission is to protect lives, environment and property of the citizens of Cameron Park and other local communities. Volunteer firefighters have been an important part of the community’s Fire Department since its inception in 1961. Currently Cameron Park has five Intern Firefighters and is always accepting applications. As a Cameron Park Intern Firefighter you will act as a third member of an engine company, participate in shifts, get hands on training in fire ground activities, work closely with ambulance personnel, and serve your community in ways unique to the fire service. 

Goals of Cameron Park Intern Firefighters: 

  • Participate as a crew member on an engine company 
  • Respond to local emergencies 
  • Learn management skills 
  • Learn leadership skills 
  • Learn how to work in team environments 
  • Participate in training 
  • Assist with community events 
  • Get hands on experience in fire service activities 

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Must be 18 years of age 
  • Must have a valid California Driver’s license 
  • Must have CSFM Firefighter 1 certification, or  successfully completed an accredited Firefighter Academy. 
  • Must be an EMT 

For more information contact Engineer Schwegler at (530) 672-7350 or  

Volunteer Resident Application
May contain: helmet, extinguishing fire, fire, and person
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