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Avian Influenza

Picture of inlet at cameron park lake

We have recently received reports of dead and sick birds around the lake.  The CSD takes this very seriously, and quickly reached out to the Department of Fish and Game.  Here is what we learned:

  • Avian influenza activity in wild birds appears to be on the rise across the state.
  • During the outbreak so far, we’ve seen Canada geese most affected, as well as other species of waterbirds. It’s possible the waterfowl mortality at the lake is a continuation of this outbreak.
  • Unfortunately, we’re limited in ways to reduce infection in wild birds, since they do move around, and the outbreak is active.
  • There is no threat to the public health and safety.

What Can we do?

  • Where possible, it would be good for the public to refrain from feeding the waterfowl.
  • CSD staff will continue to monitor and remediate any identified deceased birds or potentially sick birds.
  • Report to parks or kiosk staff any concerns about animals, or call our front office at 530-677-2231.
  • Read through the information linked below for additional information.
CDFW_HPAI Information Sheet_20220715.pdf
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