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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons for 2024! 

Our knowledgeable instructors are ready and excited to teach these classes and we know your kids are ready to make a splash back into the pool this summer. Registration for the first two sessions will open on Wednesday, June 5th at 8:30am!

Click Here To Be Taken To The Event Calendar To Register!

Thank you for your patience. Due to a high volume of people accessing our registration page/website, we experienced a lag in the system. The link provided above will take you to the Event Calendar page of registration where if you click on June 10th, you can see all options of Swim Lessons. Thank you for your patience again, and please note that this is only for the first 2 weeks. If you miss out on registering for the first 2 weeks, there are still 3 more options this summer to register. Swim Lessons are one week per session with a total of 8 sessions this summer.

Turtles (6mo-3 yrs, Parent participation)   X X
StingrayX X XX


How do I know which level to Sign up for you ask? Participant must be able to complete all tasks listed in a level before they can go to the next level AND they must meet the age requirements. Students may be moved on the first day if found unable to do the skills or are not the correct age.

May contain: advertisement, poster, animal, reptile, sea life, and turtle

Not sure what level to choose? The above diagram can help! Each circle mentions required skills, ages etc. Meet those skills, then the next level may be for you. Below are the skills sheets for each level. Participants must meet the age requirement and be able to perform all the skills in a level before moving to the next one.  Have more questions, give us a call at 530-677-2231.

Skills Level Sheet


Prices per session: $42.00

July 1st session: $31.50


This summer we will be offering 8 swim lesson sessions. Each session will contain four, 30 minute lessons. During the holiday week we will offer three, 30 minute lessons for a discounted price. Check out our registration dates below! We are only opening up two sessions at a time to allow for families to register for the next lesson if their child(ren) graduate into the next skill level determined by our Swim Instructors recommendations.


Session 1: June 10th- June 13th

  •  Registration opens on June 5th

Session 2: June 17th- June20th

  • Registration opens on June 5th


Session 3: June 24th- June 27th

  • Registration opens on June 19th

Session 4: July 1st- July 3rd

  • Registration opens on June 19th


Session 5: July 8th- July 11th

  • Registration opens on July 3rd

Session 6: July 15th- July 18th

  • Registration opens on July 3rd


Session 7: July 22nd- July 25th

  • Registration opens on July 17th

Session 8: July 29th- August 1st

  • Registration opens on July 17th


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