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Staff Spotlight

Woman, brown long hair, tan jacket with white sherpa lining, leaves and trees in background
Recreation Coordinator- Hayley

And Drum roll please...... Introducing the CSD's new Recreation Coordinator, Hayley!


We asked Hayley what is her favorite part of this job

"While there are many things I love about my job, I'd have to say that my favorite part is not only getting to know the community I'm newly surrounded around, but also getting the opportunity to serve it. I truly enjoy seeing the smiling faces of my coworkers, partners, and participants in the programs we provide and hearing their victory stories."


What Hobbies do you enjoy?

 "I am a big sports girl! Sports and Community are my biggest passions, and I have met so many great friends through playing soccer, spikeball, volleyball, and newly pickleball. I was also raised on country and oldies music, so have a love for concerts and I'm trying to learn guitar."


What’s your go-to comfort food?

"Oh boy, I am what they call a chocoholic. Love me some chocolate with kit-kats being the favorite. Also, place some chicken tenders and ranch in front of me and I'll be stoked."


What is a goal you have in your position?

 "One of my goals in this position is to gain more volunteers and introduce some new programs! I'd love to see more adult sports leagues and community events. I'd also love to see more financial assistance opportunities through scholarships or grants."


We are so excited to have Hayley on our Recreation team, and are excited to see her grow and bring her goals to life!

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