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Gym Rental Information

Update 6/22/2021: We will begin to allow increased use of the gymnasium beginning after labor day, when our solar project has been completed.. 


Once we are able to resume rentals of the gymnasium, we will operate per State and County mandates.

You are welcome to read through the steps for when we are able resume operations, but at this time we are not taking reservation requests. Please check back for updates.

  • Read about guidelines in place and make sure you can adhere to everything outlined in our UPDATED COVID-19 Facility Use Waiver (PDF)
  • View the Gym CalendarYou will see current reservations listed by day and time. Please be sure to check availability prior to requesting dates/times on a rental application.
  • Still interested in renting the gym, and can adhere to all of the COVID-19 protocols? Perfect... Fill out our Facility Rental Application (PDF)

Please note: Rates are listed on page 9 of the Facility Rental Application, linked above.

  • Email if you need additional information or would like to initiate the reservation process.
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