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Fishing Rules

  • Catch and release fishing only; all fish must be returned into the lake.
  • One fishing rod per angler.
  • Anglers age 16 and older must have a valid California Fishing License visible at all times.
  • No live bait allowed.
  • Barbless hooks are required; please pinch the hook barb with pliers.

Park fishing regulations are equal to and/or in addition to California State Fish and Game laws. 

The Parks department is working hard to help keep wildlife wild and safe by implementing new rules and fishing receptacles. These fishing receptacles are placed around the lake, to dispose of fishing line and hooks. Please help keep our waterways clean by disposing of your trash properly. Any line and hooks left in the water or on the shore can harm local wildlife. We understand that hooks and line can get stuck in the algae and plants living in the water. We ask that you do your part and please keep debris to a minimum. Receptacles are sponsored by the CP Community Foundation and CP Rotary

Leftover hooks can get stuck in wildlife and cause injury and infection. We do what we can to help wildlife, by attempting to catch waterfowl with line and hooks stuck in them, but this can be very difficult. We contact Sierra Wildlife (530) 621-4661 for any severe injuries. Please remember these animals are WILD, human intervention should be a last resort. By doing our part to minimize debris, this should help reduce injured wildlife. 

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