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Mad Science Camps

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Cameron Park CSD has partnered with Mad Science to offer youth summer camps. Register now for an amazing summer camp opportunity!


SCIENCE ROCKSTARS - Ages 6-12 (June 12-16, 1pm - 4pm), $185

Get ready to rock with science and wow the crowd with cool potions and chemical reactions. Grow your own crystals, and explore cool chromatography! Picture yourself on stage as Sir Isaac Newton as we experiment with inertia and gravity and learn what football players, ballet dancers, and scientists have in common. Explore how equipment and movement work together to help you enjoy your favorite sports. Then learn all about visual effects in photography and movie-making as we examine how cameras work, how film captures light and stores images, and how filmmakers make images move. Finally, go mad with structures and machines as you build a geodesic dome you can sit inside. Discover how simple machines such as pulleys, wedges, screws, and levers make our lives easier, and then build a catapult to keep.

EUREKA! - The Inventors’ Camp - Ages 6-12 (July 17-21, 1pm -4pm), $185

Be inspired by the most famous inventors in history - Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Rube Goldberg! - and create your OWN inventions! Use their techniques to break through a series of modern-day challenges. You will learn how to invent solutions to problems and make them come to life, just like these legendary innovators did. Construct catapults and forts, design underwater vehicles, build a mini-amplifier, and assemble a working lightsaber to take home. Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, but this camp is 100% fun.

For more information about Mad Science Camps, please visit their website at

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