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December 22 Inclusive Park Pop Up

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Take a look below to see the fun activities that we have planned for you!

May contain: nature, outdoors, snow, snowman, and winter

Cotton Ball Penguin

Create a Cotton Ball Penguin by glueing cotton balls on the penguin. Glue the eyes and mouth as well.




Christmas Mug Ornament

Create a Christmas Mug Ornament by coloring the popsickle sticks and glueing them together. Then gluing cotton balls at the top to make marshmellows. 





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Kick Croquet

Each player has a turn kicking the croquet ball through each wicket in the least amount of times. Each team will finish by hitting the red Flag first.






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Draw four cards from the three decks without showing your teamates so you can only see them. Place cards in to the action timer and start acting slot 1 quickly before the cards drop to the bottom of the timer slot. As soon as someone guesses action grab it from the slot and move on to slot 2. If no one guesses and the card falls, move to slot 2 and start acting quickly.

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