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CSD Information & services

mission statement

The Administration Department provides administrative support services, including but not limited to, community liaison, program, and facilities registration, District publications and information personnel, payroll, accounting, central purchasing reception, typing, filing, and mail distribution for the operation service departments (Fire, Parks, and Recreation). It also manages established Special assessment Districts and assures compliance of property owner approved CC&R’s for residential properties.


Recreation Guide


Winter/Spring 2016
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Administration and Finance


The Administration and Finance Department performs the support functions for the Community Services District (CSD).


This department:

  • Processes accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Maintains financial records for the District
  • Contracts for the annual audit
  • Publishes the annual budget
  • Human resources
  • Information technology and Web site
  • Front and back office functions
  • Oversight of District operations and services


Audited Financial Statements


Audited Financial Statements 2014

Audited Financial Statements 2013

Audited Financial Statements 2012

Audited Financial Statements 2011

Audited Financial Statements 2010

Audited Financial Statements 2009

Audited Financial Statements 2008

Audited Financial Statements 2007

Audited Financial Statements 2006

Audited Financial Statements 2005

Audited Financial Statements 2004

Audited Financial Statements 2003




CPCSD Final Adopted FY 2015-16 Budget

CPCSD Final Adopted FY 2014-15 Budget

CPCSD Preliminary Approved Budget 2013-14 FY 06.19.13

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2012-2013 FY 10.15.12

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2011-2012 FY 06.15.11 Amended 10-19-11

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2011-2012 FY 06.15.11

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2010-2011 FY 11.22.10

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2009-2010 FY 08.26.09

CPCSD Final Adotped Budget 2008-2009 FY 09.17.08

CPCSD Final Adopted Budget 2007-2008 FY 08.30.07


Fund Balance History


LLAD Engineer’s Reports


2015-16 LLAD Engineer’s Report

2014-15 LLAD Engineer’s Report

2013-14 LLAD Engineer’s Report



Marketing and Program Plan


2015/16 Marketing Plan




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Contact the Cameron Park Community Services District at: 530-677-2231 or email CPCSD
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